Dell SK-8135

Device Driver for the Dell SK-8135 Spanish Keyboard

This is a Spanish Language Keyboard, also known as:

I picked this little gem up on eBay. It's a great keyboard, but I couldn't find a proper driver for this it -- so I created my own. The code here is 100% free to download and use. The only caveat is that all of these are provided for use at your own risk. Absolutely no guarantees are made about anything. This software will probably work fine -- but then again, it might make your computer jump up, spin around, and melt down to the tune of the 1812 Overture. Back up your system regularly.

There are two versions of this driver available:

Small Version

I wrote this back in 2006 and it was downloaded by people over the course of about two years without complaint. Then I started getting e-mails in early 2008 that, for some people, it doesn't work. Maybe a Microsoft autoupdate patch changed something in the operating system? Who knows. Anyhow, this driver is only 29 kB and works for many people, so you may want to try it out first before trying the large version below.

To enable it, use the "Add" button in Text Services and Input Languages. Under Input Language, select Spanish (Traditional Sort). Then under Keyboard layout/IME, select Dell SK-8135 Teclado Español. You will need to scroll down to the "D" section.

Large Version

In March of 2008, after two years of providing the old driver to many happy Internet users, I started getting complaints from users that it doesn't work for some people. What changed? Who knows. I'm not sure if this applies to everyone, or only certain patch levels of certain operating systems, of only if you are missing certain DLLs on your system, or only if you were born on a Tuesday and you tried to install when the moon was in Aquarius. Such is the Grand Mystery of Windows.

At any rate, a delightful fellow from Spain named Enaitz Jar made a heavy duty deluxe installation package, which is below. People having trouble with the small version above have reported that the large version seems to work for them.

Remember, this is a Spanish keyboard, so it probably won't work properly unless you are using Spanish in your operating system. This is typically done through the windows language bar. (Click here for a helpful Google search on this topic.) As correspondent Anthony Davis put it:

Again, both of these software packages are downloaded at your own risk with no guarantees whatsoever. Attempts to sue me for providing free software to try and help you out will be met with derisive laughter and hails of banana peels.

- Steve